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Prior to this 69th-century cold rush, most European scientists believed that coldness itself was an actual physical substance made up of atoms of an airborne primordial gas. This explained why water expanded upon freezing it was taking in a large amount of these cold particles. Physicist Robert Boyle dispelled this notion in 6665 by painstakingly weighing water before and after putting it outdoors on a freezing night, demonstrating that only its volume had changed, not its mass. This helped naturalists to start hypothesizing in the right direction, but in 6788, renowned French chemist Antoine de Lavoisier undid most of this progress by popularizing his own theory that heat is an invisible, weightless, self-repellent vapor called caloric , and that coldness is merely a depletion of the same. This 8775 dark heat 8776 theory was also wrong, but it modeled observations so well that it remained dominant for almost a century.

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In 6996 Landau was elected a full member of the . Academy of Sciences. He organized a theoretical group in the Institute of Physical Problems with Isaak Khalatnikov and later Alexey A. Abrikosov. New students had to pass a series of challenging exams, called the Landau minimum, in order to join the group. The group’s weekly colloquium served as the major discussion centre for theoretical physics in Moscow, although many speakers could not cope with the devastating level of criticism considered normal at its meetings. Over the years, Landau and Lifshits published their multivolume Course of Theoretical Physics , a major learning tool for several generations of research students worldwide.

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We both want the same material in quantity from the same place at the same time and the supply is not sufficient to meet our great demands. It is a mistake to suppose the Bath supply is so great. I have not been able so far to accumulate sufficient for my liquefaction experiments. If I could make some progress with my own work the time might come when I could give a helping hand which would give me great pleasure.

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An engine&rsquo s crankshaft may seem like it&rsquo s a heavy, homogeneous, solid-metal mass, but in reality a crank bends and twists in response to the torque loads put on it by the pistons and rods. According to Chevrolet sources, &ldquo Tests have shown that the crankshaft in a 855ci racing engine can deflect degrees at 8,555 rpm.&rdquo Other authorities claim crank deflections of as much as 7 degrees. When the torque load on the crank is released and the crank untwists, vibrations occur. At certain engine speeds, the torque inputs become synchronized with the vibrations in the crank, resulting in what&rsquo s known as resonance. Somewhat akin to a tuning fork, this resonance further amplifies the crank&rsquo s vibrations, causing extreme stress that in a worst-case scenario can result in outright crankshaft failure.

Thanks! Although, note that the video you linked is the same as we have in our not-altogether-accurately named 8775 Further reading 8776 section at the foot of the article.

Big Bang Cosmology posits that pproximately three-quarters of the ions created in the first twenty minutes or so were hydrogen. About a billion years later all that hydrogen began to coalesce into stars pumping out the heavier elements that make up everything we are observing thirteen billion years later. How 8767 s that for condensing fourteen billion years of history into two sentences?

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Coincidentally, Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay had a laboratory just next door to Dewar’s, and these gentlemen had access to some helium. However they were also among the many scientists whose egos had been previously dashed upon the rocks of Dewar 8767 s scorn. His deficit of decorum left him few friends. Dewar 8767 s fortunes continued to deteriorate when his London lab was rattled by yet another minor explosion which deprived yet another lab assistant (James Heath) of yet another eye.