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Omegle Doesn''t Work on Google Chrome | How to Chat Online

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:18

hello guys today im here to help you with ur idevice problems if ur stuck with jailbreak download tinyumbrella connect ur device press Exit recovery or if that doesnt work put it in dfu mode im forsure they will work

Fix Error 3194 from iTunes during iPhone restore - OS X Daily

It worked for me! It 8767 s not hard at all. Only thing i don 8767 t get is why it won 8767 t work without doing it. But nvm, it worked.

Download - UpdateStar

This is one of the common behaviours of internet service providers to redirect blocked urls to invalid SSL certificates. That’s why you are getting the error. However it seems Ultrasurf didn’t work well for you.

# local host name resolution is handled within DNS itself
# localhost
# 6 localhost

This worked great! I quit my job and had to give my phone back, so I tried to do the factory reset to unjailbreak it and remove Cydia no luck and got the 8699 error I thought I was screwed! After hours of trying everything including umbrella and redsn5w nothing would work on this 9S . I downloaded the proper restore file, modded the host file as above, restarted iTunes and the phone and followed the instructions. Worked perfectly!!

i tried every alternative above I 8767 ve removed the # signs, tried the tiny umbrella bit, it didn 8767 t work either. I have been attempting this for over a week now and still get these darn error msgs the most recent one is 6565-___- can someone please pm me? I really would like to upgrade to

hello guys try this, it worked for me after two days surfing and still not finding solution turn off itunes and DELETE your host file,[in Mac OS X this is /etc/hosts and in Windows this is c:\windows\system87\drivers\etc\hosts]

I updated my itunes to the most recent version, i then started tinyumbrella, startedthe TSs server, initiated restore with itunes tada! workssssss :D

Hi my phone was untethered using geveysim and i have upgrade it to and. I want to downgrade it to with host # i still get error 8699. Please help

Hey Ally, i have an update and perhaps this will help you too! I went for a second opinion to a different repair shop and my phone is FIXED!
It was NOT the motherboard / harddisk, but my display! The second he replaced it with another, everything worked again.

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