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Perhaps most surprising is their refreshing and passionate grass roots mobilisation. Asserting their authority as a collective of disabled people, families, professionals and service users, the Bolshy Divas maintain a high level of credibility and respect within their local contexts. This is not due to the women's connections to political parties or large service organisations. Their credibility and respect stems from their ability to take disabled people's personal stories and highlight how the decisions of politicians and policy makers have radical implications for their daily lives.

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This heart-warming story of a grandmother who finds a new love and decides to start over is a hilarious and joyous ode to the female experience.

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Karen Soldatic is a Lecturer at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Her main area of research interest focuses on the global restructuring of disability welfare and social provisioning measures and the differential impact on varying disabled identities.

Evelyn Lozada defends her name & reputation to her friend Shaunie O Neal in this emotional moment from Basketball Wives ! Do you believe she s being sincere? 🏀 # BasketballWives

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OMG! Just googled it and there are TWO Big in Japan places on Saint Laurent! One is gross and the other good, I guess. I think I went to the wrong one. I 8767 ll try the other one out 🙂 how strange, are they related in any way?? You can delete my previous comment!

[ ] us up at night. We wrote our own version of how we think you should spend 86 hours in Montreal, “86 Hours in Montreal: a Response to the NY Times.” It got so much love that Global Montreal invited us on live television for Foodie Friday with [ ]

I do wonder why you recommend Big in Japan, that place has a history of serous health violations and they were fined this past summer for the abundant mouse poop found there, among other grossness. They have some fans, but they are not a crowd pleaser (see their low rating on Yelp).

We suggested that the hotels paid to be mentioned, the same theory can be applied to the restaurants. That doesn 8767 t make it okay, that makes it even worse! The NY Times is a credible newspaper that is suppose to be unbiased, or at least let their biases should be stated. We are sometimes invited to restaurants, we are given a free meal to review them, we let that bias be known. Other times we walk in anonymously, eat, and write up a review. Our readers have the right to know the difference!

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