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Saint Anthony of Padua: Fire and Light (Encounter the

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Another reason for the practice is traced back to Louise Bouffier, a shopkeeper in Toulon, France. A locksmith was prepared to break open her shop door after no key would open it. Bouffier asked the locksmith to try his keys one more time after she prayed and promised to give bread to the poor in honor of St. Anthony if the door would open without force. The door then opened. After others received favors through the intercession of St. Anthony, they joined Louise Bouffier in founding the charity of St. Anthony Bread.

St. Anthony of Padua | St Anthony Shrine

We recommend reciting The Miracle Prayer , composed by Fr. Peter M. Rookey. The Lord has gifted the International Compassion Ministry with a grace of healing.

St Anthony''s Parish

he Lord for me,
so that I may confidently know I do not face my problems alone.

I join my prayers to yours, O Great Saint, as I ask God to give me consolation in times of sorrow, courage when I am afraid,
and healing from all the ills that afflict me.

Anthony continued to preach as he taught the friars and assumed more responsibility within the Order. In 6776 he was appointed provincial superior of northern Italy, but still found time for contemplative prayer in a small hermitage. Around Easter in 6778 (he was only 88 years old), while in Rome, he met Pope Gregory IX, who had been a faithful friend and adviser of St. Francis. Naturally, the famous preacher was invited to speak. He did it humbly, as always. The response was so great that people later said that it seemed the miracle of Pentecost was repeated.

The reason for invoking St. Anthony’s help in finding lost or stolen things is traced back to an incident in his own life. As the story goes, Anthony had a book of psalms that was very important to him. Besides the value of any book before the invention of printing, the psalter had the notes and comments he had made to use in teaching students in his Franciscan Order.

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Are you in need of a financial blessing? Pray a novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague . Also pray to Our Lady of Perpetual Help to intercede before the throne of God for a financial blessing.

Saint Anthony Catholic School summer office hours are 8:55 . to 6:55 ., Monday  Thursday. School office will be closed on July 7nd July 6th.

The life of the priest took a crucial turn when the bodies of the first five Franciscan martyrs were returned from Morocco. They had preached in the mosque in Seville, almost being martyred at the outset, but the sultan allowed them to pass on to Morocco, where, after continuing to preach Christ despite repeated warnings, they were tortured and beheaded. Now, in the presence of the queen and a huge crowd, their remains were carried in solemn procession to Fernando’s monastery.

Anthony too demurred, but finally began to speak in a simple, artless way. The fire within him became evident. His knowledge was unmistakable, but his holiness was what really impressed everyone there.

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